What is circular economy and why we need it?

Today products are designed to be consumed in a fast way, and a whole business model behind it supports this. Today’s economic principles stand along with consumerism and mass production, fast fashion, and excessive use of raw materials.
This economic system could function perfectly in a world with unlimited resources and unlimited capacities to absorb pollution and waste. But, available resources are certainly not unlimited, and the Earth is already exhausted by all the waste and pollution we are producing.
Join us at The Balkans Go Circular virtual conference and find out how the circular economy can help solve the problems our society is facing.




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Discover profitable opportunities in the circular economy implementation process


Learn how circular economy can help us solve the environmental problems we are facing


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(14th and 15th December)

What topics are we going to cover in this event?


Circular cities

Circular cities are self-sustainable. They eliminate waste, keep goods and re-use resources. The materials are brought back to the consumer flows and not vanished as waste.


How material re-circulation builds waste free system

Your broken phone is not waste. It is made of valuable resources and can be used again.


New business model

We need different ways of producing and consuming goods and services. Implementing new circular business models will make your business resilient and ensure long term growth.


Balkan situation and comparission with EU initiatives and plans

Let’s discuss good practices and initiatives from the EU  and create a foundation for the strong circular economy system in the Balkans.

Let’s join forces and create a waste-free system in the Balkans.

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